Profoto Power Packs & Heads

Pro 8a 2400 Pack
Pro 7a 2400 Pack
Pro Flash Head Plus
ProTwin Bi - Tube
Pro Ring Flash
Pro Ring Flash reflector White or Silver

Profoto Acessories

Pro Head Extension 8'
Pro Head Extension 16'
Pro Sync Cord Extension
Pro Beauty Dish (Softlight) White or Silver
Pro Beauty Dish Grid
Pro Beauty Diffuser (sock) full or 1/3
Pro Magnum (P-50) Reflector
Pro Magnum Grid
Pro Narrow Beam Reflector
Pro 7" Grid Reflector
Pro 7" Grid Sets w Reflector
Grid Set
Pro Snoot

Tungsten Lighting

Lowel Tota Light
Lowell DP 1K

Light Banks and Umbrellas

XXS Chimera White
XS Chimera White / Silver
Small Chimera White / Silver
Medium Chimera White / Silver
Large Chimera White / Silver
Medium Strip Chimera White / Silver
Elinchrom Octabank (mini) 39"
Elinchrom Octabank 74"
Profoto Softbox 4x6 RF Silver
Profoto Softbox 1x6 RF Silver
Profoto Softbox 1x4 RF Silver
Profoto Softbox 2x3 RF Silver
Photek Umbrella 46"
Photek Umbrella 60"
Profoto Umbrella - White 46"
Profoto Giant Silver 210
Calumet Illuma Medium Soft Box - 30 x 40 x 14
Photek Softlighter-Med
Photek Softlighter-Lrg


Super Clamp w J-Hook or Stud
A-Clamps: Lg, Med, Sm
Cartelini Clamp
4" Grip Head (Combi Head)
Big Ben
J-Hook, Stud
Magic Arm
Pigeon Plate
Auto Pole Set
Aluminum Crossbar 6.5'
4' Steel Pipe
10' Steel Pipe
Apple Box: full, half, quarter, pancake
Showcards (Wht, Blk, Silver,Soft Silver, Gold)


Kit stand
20" C-Stand Complete
40" C-Stand Complete
Turtle Base
Baby Roller Stand
Low Roller
Medium Roller
High Roller
Roller base w 20" or 40" riser


12"x18" Flag, net, double, silk
18"x24" Flag, net, double, silk
24"x36" Flag, net, double,triple,silk
10"x48" Cutter
18"x48" Cutter
24"x72" Cutter
4'x4' Floppy
24"x30" Wood Cucoloris
4'x4' Wood Cucoloris
Roadrags - Flag and Scrim kit

Silks, Solids and Frames

6'x6' (Full Silk, 1/4 Silk, Griffolyn, Solid)
8'x8' (Full Silk, 1/4 Silk, Griffolyn, Solid)
12'x12' (Full Silk, 1/4 Silk, Griffolyn, Solid)
12'x20' (Full Silk, 1/4 Silk, Griffolyn, Solid)
20'x20' (Full Silk, 1/4 Silk, Griffolyn, Solid)
8'x8' Frame w/corners
12'x12' Frame w/corners
20'x20' Frame w/corners
Scrim Jim 4x6 Frame w/silk
Scrim Jim 6x6 Frame w/silk
Scrim Jim Fabrics: solid, nets, silver, gold


Mini Boom w/Counter Weight
Super Boom w/Counter Weight
Mega Boom w/Shot Bag
Redwing Light Boom Large
Redwing Light Boom Small


25' Extension Cord
50' Extension Cord
Power Strip
Cable Mat

Fans & Foggers

Reel EFX II Turbo
Bowens Jet Stream Wind Machine
Fog Machine
Electric Heater

Tripods & Heads

Gitzo - Medium
Gitzo - Large
Bogen - Medium
Bogen Studio Stand 12'
Manfrotto 405 Gear Head w/Quick Release
Foba Ball Head w/Quick Release
Gitzo Pan 'n Tilt Large for 4x5
Quick Release Plate


4x8 V-Flat Foamcore
4x10 V-Flat Foamcore
4x8 Wall Flat
8x8 Wall Flat
10x10 Wall Flat
Wall Jack
Cube 3x3x3 Cube
Cube 2x2x2
Cube 1.5x1.5x1.5
4x8 Plexi
4x8 Plywood
Saw Horse
Posing Stool
Posing Table
Ladders: 2', 4'
Ladders: 6', 8'
Ladders: 10'
Kart Master Kart w/Tray
Beach Cart
A-Frame Hand Truck
Hand Truck
Garment Rack
Ironing Board
Make-up Station
Directors Chair
Folding Chair
Wooden Stool
Table 6'
Table 8'
iPhone charger
Walkie Talkie

Computers & Monitors

Mac Pro Tower/3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Duo Processor/8GB RAM
Mac Pro Tower/2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Processor/4GB RAM
Cinema Display 20"
Cinema Display 23"
Cinema Display 30"
MacBook Pro 17" / 2GB RAM
CG210 Monitor
CG211 Monitor

Camera Backs & Lenses

Phase One (camera back, software, cables, camera mask)
P30 H+/Universal+ 31.6MP
P45 H+/Universal+ 39MP
(w/2-4GB CF Cards & 3 Batteries)
Hasselblad H2 body
Extension Tubes
Extension Tube Set
Electronic Cable release
Prism Finder
Mamiya RZ and Lenses
RZ-67 Pro II
140mm Macro
Prism Finder


Seikonic Meter L-358


9' Seamless Paper
12' Seamless Paper
Foamcore 4x8 Sheet
Foamcore 4x10 Sheet
Show Cards White, Black, Silver, Gold
Gaffer Tape:
Paper Tape
Masking Tape
Canned Air
CTO Gel/Foot
CTB Gel/Foot
Neutral Density Gel/Foot
Frost Diffusion/Foot
Gel Rolls
Colored Gels per 2x2 Sheet
Bungee cords
Sash Cord Roll
Clothes Pins
Ziploc Bags Box


AA 4-Pack
AAA 4-Pack
9 Volt
C, D Cell Battery